Je m’enthousiasme pour ce soir!*

* Not entirely sûre on the legitimacy on this translation, but it’s sans doute an infinitely better option than ‘je suis excité’ (possibly one of the most embarrassing faux amis dans la langue française)

It has been an assez amusant couple of weeks au lycée: from being greeted with “Hello my little English friend” by the professeur de biologie/chimie (je ne sais pas) that I work with (trop drôle) to playing Hedbandz and Consequences with a group of terminales (très éducatif)…la vie as an assistante de langue has its moments!

Cette semaine (or, plus accurately, the last ten jours or so) has included several trips to le cinéma. Last Wednesday, comme d’habitude, Simone, Chrissy and I went to the cinema pour voir ‘Papa ou Maman’, une comédie fantastique. [Spoiler] Personal highlight: the pet hamster burning down la maison à la fin. Ensuite, we went to Bagelstein (trop bien) where, à notre grande surprise, there was a space inside! Je n’aime pas sub-zero weather, mostly because mon appartement is trop froid, tout le temps.

escargot au pepites 5.02.15

escargot aux pépites: the only snail I’ll ever eat

On Saturday, je suis allée à Obernai; it’s a small town, pas loin de Strasbourg. Les bâtiments were the traditional half-timbered coloured variety, très picturesque indeed. Downside, is that besides taking beaucoup de photos and admiring the general loveliness of la ville, there was presque rien à faire. Néanmoins, it is toujours acceptable to seek out the nearest boulangerie for a pretzel in the soleil; the journey home involved freezing on la voie at Sélestat.


Place du Marché


Place du Marché


Puits aux six seaux


Place du Marché


un ange

Upon mon retour à Colmar, j’ai acheté un pain au choco smarties (la première de cette année) followed by a très productive après-midi working on the (dreaded) projet de stage. Essay writing skills appear to have gone out of la fenêtre; no need to avoir peur yet, there’s still two months until the deadline. On Sunday I (finalement) completed updating my scrapbook; the word ‘update’ is used très loosely, because it is déjà not up to date due to all the exciting événements which have taken place this term. In the soir, I saw ‘Timbuktu’ (version originale) au cinéma with Simone and Adrienne; it turned out there was a promotion on as it’s nominated for plusieurs Césars, so it was seulement €4! With its mélange of Arabic, French and English it was certainement an interesting watch; cependant, I’m not entirely sure I need to watch people be stoned to death again dans un film.

It was a busy début de la semaine, with quatre heures of teaching (instead of the usual two) on Monday; unintentional entertainment was provided by one élève who claimed “I should be a lab coat” when explaining safety procedures to me en anglais; I expect that if I were to attempt it en français it would be disastrous. In keeping with the upcoming Mardi Gras boulangerie theme, I tried un beignet confiture: c’était délicieux. Tuesday was le contraire: seulement one class, featuring the delights of Pancake Day and one very keen élève wanting to know if we were actually going to make them…désolée, non.

Hier, Simone, Chrissy and I decided to try le petit déjeuner at Maestro del Caffè;for seulement €4,50 you get une boisson chaude (chocolat chaud pour tout le monde, naturellement), un jus d’orange, une viennoiserie (pain au chocolat, obviously) and une petite viennoiserie (which turned out to be some sort of apple pastry). It was, sans aucun doute, worth getting up early for that petit déj. Ensuite, Chrissy and I went to see ‘La Nuit au Musée: Le Secret des Pharaons’. C’était génial!

brunch 11.02.15 simone+chrissy

Photo credit: Chrissy

brunch 11.02.15 me

Photo credit: Chrissy

Aujourd’hui has been loin de productive; however, I have managed to plan all my lessons pour la semaine prochaine and (almost) finish planning a trip pour les vacances d’hiver. Maintenant (read: since I left the UK, en janvier) I am extrêmement excited to see Laurence ce soir!

À (likely, not-so) bientôt!


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