C’est la saison des fêtes

Après more semaines than I can count of resisting the temptation, I finally caved in and bought un croissant chocolat-banane from la boulangerie at the end of my road. It turned out to be super délicieux and I’m feeling un peu triste for not having tried one plus tôt. On the upside, il y a encore four months to fill with chocolate-banana croissants, yay!

1.12.14 - chocolate banana croissant

un croissant chocolat-banane

Upon hearing that there was a film about mon ours préféré, Paddington, the inner enfant in me got rather (actually, très) excitée. Release date: 3rd December. Date I saw it: 3rd December. À noter: there is no such thing as too keen dans this context. Usually, je n’aime pas animation films; that said, ‘Paddington’ was INCROYABLE. Look no further than la bande annonce to see why:

or, if you prefer la version anglaise:

Note: The French and English trailers ne sont pas pareilles. À mon avis, Paddington is cuter en français.

The following day je suis allée à la patinoire with the other assistants. Ice skating en France is beaucoup moins cher – 2 euros for seemingly unlimited skating. Or, to be plus précis, as long as your pieds can tolerate the pain. Malheureusement, I have no photographic evidence of this événement…but I didn’t fall over, et c’est ça qui compte.

Le week-end dernier, I took the très busy navette de noël (essentiellement, a Christmas market bus) to Ribeauvillé to see the marchés de Noël médiévals. Beaucoup de personnes were in fancy dress – including the Spanish teacher from mon lycée! There were also sheep and donkeys; the latter took part in une parade with children riding them through les rues. On a aussi vu a cat that had fallen asleep dans la crèche, une sculpture bizarre called “un pfifferdaj” (don’t ask), some medieval dancing and a group of enfants dressed as Christmas trees.


trop mignon


très bizarre

Les Français also appear to have created their own take on pigs in blankets, avec fromage. LAISSER NOS PIGS IN BLANKETS ALONE S’IL VOUS PLAÎT!



Après eating a slice of granité – très similar to crumble en Angleterre – we found un magasin selling stork hats and couldn’t resist the urge to try them on!

photo 3 (1)

Stork hat anyone? Guaranteed to make you look like une idiote!

That evening, je suis allée aux marchés de Noël de Colmar with some other assistants; I can now confirm that jus d’orange chaud is actually rather nice.

Cette semaine began with un jeu de Christmas bingo and listening to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” with une classe de 1ère, so far so bon. During la pause, there was a manala party; for anyone feeling clueless, c’était une fête for Saint Nicholas’ Day (2 jours plus tard). It was une excuse merveilleuse to eat manala (a sort of cake, shaped like a little man) and clementines and drink chocolat chaud. Hilarity ensued dans une classe de BTS (these are the élèves studying for a post-18 qualification) when trying to explain what a bauble was; they decided it was a ‘christmas ball’ and need I say more on how things went from there…!

Aujourd’hui, there was une fête for both M-C’s and Joanna’s birthdays; renditions of ‘Happy Birthday’ were done in trois langues: le français, l’espagnol et l’allemand. For anyone interested, Happy Birthday en français is: Joyeux Anniversaire, Joyeux Anniversaire, Joyeux Anniversaire (nom), Joyeux Anniversaire. All dans the same tune as la version anglaise. I have now witnessed the faulty lift in action: when I returned to mon appartment two women were stuck in the lift. This is exactly pourquoi je ne prends pas l’ascenseur. I’ve also discovered that les Français sont très rapide at dealing with problems…or maybe c’est seulement my school. In any case, après reporting to l’intendance this morning that “le four à micro-ondes ne marche plus”, I was told they would buy a new one and to come and pick it up later! Carrying it up 10 flights of stairs wasn’t quite so amusant, but I can now say hello again to microwave brownies…

And to end on a cheesy note, only 10 jours to go ’til I can show the delights of Alsace to Laurence. It’s actually as if Noël is coming early cette année!

À plus


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